Welcome to the home page for the exciting sport of Bike Hockey, a more aggressive form of the somewhat obscure yet exciting sport of Bike Polo.

Our Bike Hockey team is based out of Fort Collins, Colorado where we hold weekly games and every now and then play tournaments with teams from other locations. We are always open to setting up matches with any teams that play a game at least remotely similar to what we do. With this site we hope to promote the game we love by showing our ability to the world. Check out our videos to the left or pictures of us play.

We welcome information or contact from any other groups who play a similar game. Feel free to email us if you would like to compete, help us organize or participate in any tournaments. In case you want to take part in our tournament, but have problems with transportation of your bike and other necessary equipment, contact our trusted partners GlobalLogistics moving company. They will help you deliver your bike to Fort Collins in one piece.

If you are located in the Western part of the country then it will be more suitable for you to use the services of Praisetravelandtransportation.com company that organizes safe long distance moves and is always ready to move your equipment in their specialized trucks.

We express our special gratitude to Tom Lomacky – CEO of Beaconmortgagelenders - leading Toronto real estate company for bike hockey promotion in GTA and assistance in recent tournament arrangement.

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